Why Choose Jeff Johnson Restorations and Designs

We’re valued by our clients for a number of important reasons.

Vintage Oil Painting |   Badly damaged vintage reverse oil painting that had a badly deteriorated sky, restored to beauty!

Vintage Oil Painting | Badly damaged vintage reverse oil painting that had a badly deteriorated sky, restored to beauty!

For insurance companies we reduce the number of settlement “cash outs” and product replacements, reducing your overall cost of settlement. We also provide diplomatic and fast claims handling for difficult and high value claims.

We are able to repair many items deemed “not repairable” by other repair firms, resulting in happier customers and an overall reduced cost of your settlement.

Jeff takes the time to correctly identify a higher percentage of non-transit related damages, negating the need for settlement or costs from fraudulently claimed and non-transit damages.

Virtually eliminate dissatisfied shippers with quality work, status updates, reporting and service.

Jeff is able to reproduce or create virtually any finish or part needed and approaches each job with the goal of obtaining a result as close to perfection as possible.

Jeff has the capability to perform historically accurate repairs or he can "freshen up" your furniture with touch-up, new lacquer, polishing, or cleaning as needed.

Jeff is willing to listen to the customer's wants and desires and make recommendations to guide the customer to a desired result within their budget and time frame. 

Adjusters say the difference is our professionalism, craftsmanship and our proven claims process for the inspection and repairs of transit damages:

As an adjuster your reports are AWESOME!!!! If all inspections were completed in this manner it would make my job easier and more efficient. Again, thanks for the detailed report!
— Kim L., Claims Adjuster

Fax or email us your authorization and claims form.

Receive rapid email acknowledgement that your claim request has been received and is being scheduled. We keep constant communication with the adjusters, alleviating your worries about the progress of your claim.

We contact the shipper within 24 hours of our receipt of your request to schedule an inspection and/or authorized repairs, if any.

Once an appointment time has been scheduled, you are e-mailed a confirmation, along with the date and time of the appointment and any other pertinent information.

Within 24 hours of the initial inspection, you will be e-mailed the completed inspection report, including photographs. You receive frequent email updates during the repair process documenting contacts made with shipper, deliveries and repair status.

Finally, after we have completed repairs and returned repaired items to the shipper, you will be e-mailed a line item invoice, a second report if necessary (if any significant changes occur from the preliminary findings) and a repair release signed by the shipper indicating that they have accepted delivery and repairs and are satisfied with the work performed.


Want to learn more? Contact Us to get a sample report or more information on our claims process.

I wish we had more vendors who could examine, determine, and repair like that. Half of them can’t even use a digital camera. Keep up the good work!
— Autumn P., Claims Adjuster
Thank you for your consistent, high quality service on both inspections and repairs. Your response is always quick and updates are timely and explicit. Our transferees have told us how delightfully satisfied they are with your work!
— Vicki Kost, New World Van Lines
Thanks again Jeff for the excellent repair job.
— Dave McGrath, Claims Adjuster